How to restore your vision without glasses
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Ways to Rebuild your Vision

May 26, 2012

Are you wishing to improve your vision? If you are interested in revoking Myopia, Hyperopia and other serious vision problems while at the same time restoring your vision naturally without expensive and possibly harmful surgery or having recourse to glasses or  contacts lenses then this guide may be for you. When faced with vision problem, usually we immediately turn to our optician, and resign ourselves to the fact that we will be purchasing new glasses, contact lenses, or even considering laser eye surgery. Have you considered alternative ways to improve your vision without glasses, using natural methods of improvement? Most people are totally unaware of how to rebuild their vision without relying on the recognized ways. There are alternatives available that are less costly and less risky to improve your vision.

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When diagnosed with any type of vision problem, we are usually given a prescription lens that helps the us to see clearly pretty much instantly. The problem with this method of improving your vision is that whilst it helps you to see clearly, it doesn’t help your vision. In fact recent studies have shown that prescription glasses or lenses can worsen your vision over time because they actually train your eyes to see incorrectly. Really it is a very worrying thing for many people because it means that they are getting increasingly dependant on man made equipment to see anything.

To rebuild your vision you will need to start doing special exercises with your eyes as well as doing visioning exercises.

Effective action can include visualisation exercises to improve eye acuity and flexibility, taking the correct nutritional supplements for your eyes, using emotional freedom technique (EFT), relaxing yourself and decreasing the stress in your life, palming your hands over closed eyes, exercises for clearing and washing eyes naturally, and eye focussing.

 The theory of Dr. William Bates, says that vision problem occurred when the spherical shape of the eyes is changed due to the high stress and strain that put on the eyes. At this situation, the rays can’t focus on the retina which leads to blurred vision. Dr. William Bates also explained the principle of how eye exercise helps us to get better vision without glasses. By doing eye exercises you can strengthen the muscles around your eyes, progress the blood circulation of the eyes and release the stress on the eyes. According to the theory of Dr. William Bates if you do eye exercises regularly your vision will return to it’s normal state.

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